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A very lucky WFH family - Us!

We’re a very lucky family. After living in London for 5 years, we suddenly decided (okay, maybe it's 'I' suddenly decided ...) to move to Taiwan, where I'm from, to welcome our second baby. The big man in the family, Paul, continued a bit of contracting work from his previous job in London, and I found some oversea remote work too to work from home (I hate full-time office jobs). Then we become so-called 'Digital Nomad' family although none of us knew this term before and none of us knows how to code...

Taiwan turns out just perfect for digital nomads with kids

Me and Paul met in SE Asia during a backpacking trip. Of course, Taiwan wouldn't be our first destination to travel to when we were single and backpacking (despite the fact I'm from Taiwan just generally speaking as a traveller). It's not as fun as Bali, Bangkok, and those islands with all sort of parties. But with kids, I'm so grateful to be here. Taiwan has world top-ranked medical system, excellent education (to our kids since they speak Mandarin too), crazy efficient services and almost zero-crime cities. Plus, super cheap unlimited 4G plans with the signal covers literally everywhere in Taiwan even on the top of the highest mountain.


In March 2020, our friends in the UK start having similar lifestyle - they all start working from home with kids - but they were forced by the situation and they couldn't go out at all. However, we somehow can sense more and more families will be working from home as a new-normal. Some of them even can work remotely from another country. Just like Paul's job is in London and mine is in Hong Kong. I start having friends asking me the ideas of moving to Taiwan for a few months - that's when I started this website & blog. I still don't know if anyone would need the information here, but I'm going to share and see how it turns out. Let's try and see!

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